Monday, February 6

Seasons Change

Originally posted Saturday, Feb 4, 2006:

It would take a terrible fight with my wife to provoke my first blog entry. We are both close to calling it quits. I stand before an unfamiliar crossroad and I've lost all sense of direction. Should I turn left and loop my way back to the familiar, or veer right and take a second chance in life--to relive the dream I've always imagined, to unleash the potential that's been capped by a stale marriage, and to find the love of my life, my soul mate, kuv tus tav. Never have I had so much riding on one decision. If I was stronger and less of a coward, the decision would be easy. But my heart, oh my feeble heart, how it bleeds...for so many people. It wavers back and forth like a fallen leaf in fall's cool breeze. It seems a bitter winter season is inevitable.


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