Monday, February 6

My Golden Eagle

In 1991 when we married, my wife gave me an eagle necklace made of solid 18K gold. It would only be five years later that I betrayed her trust and love. Though I would hardly call it an "affair", the brief extramarital online activity profoundly affected her. And she would never be the same again. Not once did I take my necklace off. But in 1996, she took back her wedding gift as if to signify that our love can no longer soar. Every now and then, I would ask for it back. Of course I knew these sarcastic requests would be shot down with anger.

This morning, I got my eagle back. It was placed on her 3-foot jewelry cabinet, the one I had bought her this past Christmas. It came with a card that read:

Something for you...


My eyes watered when I saw this. This is siginificant. Would this mean she has given up? You see, to my wife, I am everything. She asked me not long ago, after sensing my frustrations with our marriage, if I believed in soul mates. I replied, "I don't know. Am I your soul mate?" She answered, "that depends on your answer."

It has been 10 years since I saw my eagle necklace. Much have changed in this period. The wear and tear in life takes its toll on the heart and soon you forget about the teenagers who were in love. I remember the eagle pendant being larger back then. Funny how time distorts reality.


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Very sad.


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