Tuesday, March 7

My Son, The Musician

My son Vincent called me on my cell phone earlier (I'm not home very much these days) and asked me "Hey dad, how do you play Green Day's 'Jesus of Suburbia' again? I forgot where I put my fingers" I feel bad for neglecting our guitar lessons these past few months. Afterall, that's why I bought him that red Fender Squire guitar. I was teaching him how to play power chords (diagram on right). Green Day and many punk rockers use a lot of power chords. It's really fun to play, and easy!

Shhh!!...don't tell Vincent this but I hope he becomes a famous rock star someday (Okay, maybe that's a stretch. How about a good musician?) Maybe, then, I can live my rock dreams vicariously through him. (frown)


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