Tuesday, February 21

High School Pix

Ramdom pictures of me back in high school. Check out the hair-doo. Wooser, what a stud!!

One of many senior photos. Took a number of these with Kabao at a photo studio. I don't know how this pix got so solarized. I can't find the original scan.

Me and Kabao, back in 1991, our HS graduation year. This was taken at the overlook in St. Paul. We had some great memories then.

In my room, getting two shots in one. Ingenious!! Do you see my golden tassle hanging on the mirror? I don't know where I placed it. It's very meaningful to me.


At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lolz Love the hair! I remember those days. The 80's --- sigh


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