Tuesday, February 21

Are You A Pebble?

I'm looking outide a window overseeing the rooftop of the level below mine. I see hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pebbles -- black, white, silver, brown, beige, red -- all laying next to one another, lifeless and insignificant. View St. Paul from an airplane window and you see the exact picture. If you singled out anyone of the stones and vaporize it with your thought, would that make any difference one way or another to the cosmos? As we compete with the pebbles around us -- building our careers, finding fame and fortune -- in the end we are still not just a pebble? We're all just living predetermined cookie cutter lives anyway. You finish high school, go to college, get a job, find a mate, have children, buy a house, go to grad school, build your career, become someone important in your field, spoil your grandchildren, and then die. It all seems so fixed. So planned. Life should not be so organized and predictable! It should have a little bit of random. A little bit of fun. And carefreeness.

Now...I'm gonna get me some randomness. Who's with me!??


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Abhinav Nigam said...

Hi Grt to read ur posts

God Bless

Abhinav Nigam
ND, India


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