Wednesday, May 17

Valeng, an apostle?

A few days ago, a cousin of mine called me to tell me something very eerie. Pa is in late 20’s and was close to my Grandfather who was a very religeous man. She said she didn’t know how to tell me other than to just say it. Pa said that from the moment she met me and shook my name, she felt a “spiritual energy” coming from me. And it shook her. To the point where “nws nyob tsis tswm”. This is what she said to me (I actually took notes b/c it was so over the top and interesting):

“Valeng, from the moment I shook your hand, I felt this spiritual energy. Something in the supernatural is disturbing. Make no mistake that your missing appointment with your pastor just before making your soul-searching trip, AND the stolen books (The Purpose-Life Driven, a religeous book) in Fresno were signs that an evil presense was trying to keep you from reaching God. God has a plan for you! Don’t think you have a sad story to tell. It’s about overcoming them through victory. There is a reason for everything. Make God a priority in my life, seek god, turn your ways, and start to heal. YOU HAVE A CALLING. YOU MIGHT BE AN APOSTLE. I believe that a great prophet or apostle will come from Yawm Txiv’s seed. Pray and ask God for guidance.”

Ok, you guys tell me if she’s cookoo or not. For a brief second or two, I actually was nodding in agreement with her…haha. But told her that she might be mistaking my leadership qualities for something else. She said no that wasn’t the case. Said that she has a thing for feeling these things out…you know, one of those spiritual mediators.

Wow. *twilight zone theme song*


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